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Bloomaker is a leading innovator in the floral industry, providing consumers with beautiful, long-lasting flowers. In 2008, Bloomaker successfully patented the world's first hydroponically grown flowers. Since then, our team consistently finds ways to innovate the floral industry. Our patent portfolio shows all the groundbreaking steps our company has taken to ensure that we remain the leading producer and supplier of beautiful, long-lasting flowers. While we focus on innovation, our number one concern will always be delivering the very best quality products. Below is a list of all our issued patents:

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General utility patent 7,448,168
Flower vase D788,636
Flower vase D790,392
Flower vase D790,393
Flower vase D791,013
Flower vase D791,641
Five bulb pin tray D796,921
Seven bulb pin tray D797,528
Eleven bulb pin tray D798,677