Bloomaker's Recent Trip to the Netherlands


In April, several team members visited the Netherlands on behalf of Bloomaker. This was not only a great opportunity to learn more about some of our tulip facilities, but also to learn more about the culture of the Netherlands.

Our team members were able to visit the Keukenhof Flower Gardens. There is a tulip show here from mid-March to mid-May every year. In annual preparation, over 7 million tulip bulbs are planted.


They also visited the Rembrandt Museum which is located Amsterdam. This museum is focused on the work of Dutch painter, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, who lived from 1606-1669 and is considered one of the greatest visual artists in history.


Some fun facts they learned:

  • Any flower fields grown in the Netherlands are for bulb sales while cut flowers (for bouquets and general sales) are actually grown in greenhouses instead.

  • All land is precious in the Netherlands because of the country’s smaller size so any available space is utilized for some type of revenue generating operation like farming, flower production, wind/solar energy production, housing, etc.

Sarah Scott