Giant Amaryllis Red Lion Bulb

Giant Amaryllis Red Lion Bulb

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The Red Lion Amaryllis bulb features bright red blooms. Bloomaker’s jumbo-sized bulb produce at least two stalks, each blooming several times. Red Lion has been one of our best-selling Amaryllis varieties for many years.

Our Red Lion Amaryllis bulb can be planted inside or outside in the container of your choice.

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Watch the Red Lion amaryllis bloom:


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Care: Easy to plant and grow.
Long-lasting, colorful flowers.
For longest-lasting blooms, keep plant away from heat and direct sunlight.
Guaranteed to grow.
Height: 18-20″
Hardy in Zones 9-10

Planting tip: If you wish to rebloom the Amaryllis in the fall, stop watering in August and place the bulb, still in the pot, in a cool, dry place for 10-12 weeks. In mid-November, remove the bulb from the old pot; remove dead foliage and old roots, but leave clean, healthy roots intact. Repot in fresh soil as indicated above in a pot only slightly larger than the bulb. If properly cared for, the bulb should bloom in 8-10 weeks.